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Industrial Control Systems, specifically the older installations, are often deployed as isolated installations, with no access to the external networks including internet. Most of their security controls revolve around physical security. Today, these ICS networks are getting connected indirectly and true network isolation is becoming uncommon. Initiatives like Digital Transformation leads the business case towards ICS systems integration with business networks. Also, some malware can use extream tactics to connect the air-gaped networks to the internet.

Attackers controlling an ICS environment can not only destruct the data, bu also disrupt the production, physical damage and risk the lives of people. Threatsys  has performed many assessments on SCADA networks and has in-depth experience in assisting clients integrating security controls into their SCADA environment. Threatsys offers tailored services to analyze and understand your industrial processes and operational technologies from field-level equipment to central management systems. 

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Threatsys understand your industrial processes and operational technologies

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    ICS Cyber Security Framework

    Our team presents the scope of penetration testing to be carried out to the clients. Such as details regarding the machines, system, and network to be used, the operational requirements are assessed.

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    ICS/SCADA Risk AAssessment

    We gather information’s regarding various media used, analyze all those hosts, network and/or application belongs to the entity’s environment so that with the help of those detail the testing could be conducted.

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    ICS/SCADA Gap Analysis

    A Gap Analysis is designed to assist the organization to identifying gaps in security systems and processes, which will reduce the risk and eliminate many threats.

  • settings-server-1872_2e41baf2-8789-4215-b430-db35c3899936

    ICS/SCADA Penetration Testing

    Our team conducts certain processes like scanning the network with various scanning tools, identification of open share drives, open FTP portals, services that are running, and much more for the detection of vulnerabilities.

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    ICS Security Services

    The vulnerabilities which are identified are further exploited in this process. Here the process is done manually using commercial tools and custom scripts and powershell

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    ICS Incident Response 

    The engagement results in delivering a detailed report of the assessment. This includes an Executive Summary for the management, A Detailed report on each of the findings with their risk ratings and remediation recommendations.


Prepare, Protect, Detect, Respond & Recover

  • Identified Vulnerabilities & ICS Audits

    Reduces the exposed attack surface associated with known vulnerabilities. Patches are frequently released in response to publicly identified vulnerabilities. Threatsys specialists employ a wide range of tests to evaluate the existing protection mechanisms in your ICS network and environment.

  • Elimination of Exploitable Code

    Eliminates the readily exploitable code associated with unnecessary services on control system servers and workstations. Threatsys experts will determine your level of compliance with technical elements of all relevant standards of ICS.

  • Threat Intelligence & Security Feeds

    Reduces or eliminates the vulnerabilities ranging from default accounts to weak passwords that provide opportunities for an intruder to enter the system. Stay ahead of the hackers with regular security updates direct from our research team including zero-day vulnerability alerts, anomaly detection, and remediation tactics.

  • Industrial Control System Security Validation

    Recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities, including suggested changes to equipment configurations and settings, use of protective mechanisms, and installation of necessary software updates or changes to policies, procedures, and processes

  • Security Benchmark & Configuration Harderning

    Be confident your systems are in peak condition with checklists created by Positive Technologies, based on our extensive industry knowledge, research, and vendor partnerships. Compare the current configurations of your ICS components including SCADA, PLC, and RTU with our recommended settings for optimum security.

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We reached out to Threatsys after we suffered from two different Ransomware attacks. They came in quickly to review our needs, and now manage our firewall and virus protection for about 45 workstations and three servers. Very reasonably priced for a small business, and with that being said, their continued support is outstanding. It's hard to find a company with their level of service these days. No matter how big or how small the issue, they always amaze with their performance. We couldn't be happier!"
R. Rosencrantz