overview of Cyber Security Services in Governement Industry

Are you equipped to effectively respond to the latest threats posed by increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks targeting Governement & public sector organizations?

The Increasing cyber crimes and high skill data breaches make cyber security important in the government sector. in govt organisation, data security has become crucially important that could help ensure strong security and mitigate the rise of criminal activities. the stolen information is further used in various malevolent activities and victims have the face ruinous circumstances.

The Government sector hold highly confidential information which should be protected from an unauthorised access so that it is not used for any kind of malicious activities. We, as a team call out for strict data protection regulation in a place to help ensure the safety of personal and financial data of each individual in the govt sector from any fraudulent access. Cyber Security in public safety institutions world wide are under instance pressure to ensure the high level of security for citizens while reducing expenditures.

With our unparalleled experience know – how, we help them meet the challenge, through holistic transformation leveraging expertise that spans regions, sectors and core management functions.

Cyber Security Challenges in Government and Public Industry

There are a multitude of obstacles and issues that Government and Public Institutions must confront and address.

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    Lack of Expertise and Resources

    Although keeping websites, data and the network secure is critical, it is becoming increasingly difficult because of the cybersecurity skills shortage and the sophistication of state-sponsored attacks. The government sector has more difficulty attracting talent than private organizations. IT budgets are particularly tight in the government sector due to budget cuts and the need to show return on investment. When combined with the fact that government agencies are typical targets of highly sophisticated, state-sponsored threat actors, keeping government data and networks secure is increasingly difficult.

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    Safeguarding Public Data

    Government institutions handle extensive amounts of sensitive personal and governmental data. According to Threatsys’s 2023 Data Breach Report, state-affiliated actors account for the majority of external breaches, while insider threats make up a significant portion as well. Additionally, government data centers must comply with various regulations, such as Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and Criminal Justice Information Services. While encryption is necessary for secure transactions, encryption-based attacks are also a significant concern.

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    Ensuring Availability of Online Services

    Government institutions rely heavily on websites and online services, from tax payments to vehicle registration. It’s essential that networks and applications are available 24/7 to ensure easy access for consumers, especially during crucial timeframes. A survey by Radware revealed that malware and bots, DDoS, and social engineering are the most common attack vectors. Successful attacks often result in operational loss, brand reputation damage, and negative customer experiences, as reported by over 50% of respondents.

Threatsys is Securing the Citizen Experience

Threatsys is helping the central government, state and local public organizations, and nonprofit entities transform IT risk, cybersecurity and data privacy for now, next and beyond.

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

    Threatsys Risk offers customizable Risk and Vulnerability Assessment process to identify and appraise technical, operational, and business threats and vulnerabilities for public sector organizations. The process is based on CERT-IN, OWASP, NIST standards and can incorporate other frameworks such as ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI or HIPAA. Remediation recommendations are provided for each finding, which can include vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and other assessments.

  • Penetration Testing

    Our penetration testing service assesses the target system’s ability to resist an attacker. Starting with a vulnerability scan, we try to break into the targeted system, and we provide a report that details our methodology for successful attacks and remediation recommendations. We can also conduct a Red Team Assessment in stealth mode to test the defense’s ability to detect and stop an attacker.

  • Governance, Strategy, Policy

    Our cyber security professionals bring executive-level planning and strategy expertise to public sector organizations at every level. Whether local government or central agency, our team can guide your organization in developing a NIST, CERT-in, OWASP based governance structure or providing cyber expertise for the Cybersecurity Strategy. Threatsys Risk’s support ensures responsible and current guidance tailored to your organization’s needs.

  • Incident Response

    Threatsys Risk Incident Response can help your public sector agency prepare for security incidents and data breaches with our incident response planning services. Our experienced team will supplement your existing incident management plans and capabilities to ensure your organization is ready to respond to any incident, intentional or accidental.

Protecting Government Data with Comprehensive Cyber Defenses Solutions. Let’s get started

Threatsys is No.1 Cyber Security Company for Government and Public Industry

Delivering a seamless, secure online experience to citizens

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    Ensuring Whole-of-Government Cybersecurity Readiness

    Threatsys takes a concerted effort to build cybersecurity capabilities across the Government to help prevent cybersecurity incidents. By putting in place ICT security policies, building a secure technology architecture, and conducting frequent security testing, the Threatsys supports all government agencies to be adequately equipped to secure their system

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    Enabling Decisive Operational Response

    Threatsys dedicated team of cybersecurity defenders support and protect all systems within the Government. Our Security analysts monitor Government systems 24/7. They perform the necessary incident containment, forensics investigations and recovery to swiftly respond to any cybersecurity event within the Government.

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    Compliance Ready as per the Governance Framework

    Cyber security compliance is essential in the government industry in India to safeguard against cyber threats. The government must follow strict regulations to ensure the protection of sensitive information and systems. Threatsys provide 360 Degree Cyber Security Compliance to Government and Public Industry.

Understanding the public sector landscape

As cyber-attacks on public sector organisations become more sophisticated, are you ready to respond effectively to the latest threats?

As cyber threats continue to escalate rapidly, governments worldwide are taking significant steps to address cybersecurity concerns. By examining cybersecurity guidance from various perspectives, government agencies can enhance their cybersecurity measures and develop effective strategies, architectures, and investments to counter these threats. Threatsys works with Governement Organisations and secured so many goverenment websites, applications and citizens data.


of companies saw increases in disruptive attacks in last 12 months, up from 59% in 2020.


of executives surveyed do not know whether their defenses are strong enough for hackers’ new strategies.
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