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Web Application Security Testing Build digital trust to enhance brand value and accelerate innovation.

Web Application Cyber Security Services capture and hold sensitive corporate and customer data. However, they are highly vulnerable – 80% of cyberattacks occur at the application layer. Until recently applications were viewed as low risk because they were largely internal, so securing the infrastructure was the priority instead. But applications are now open to the world. The pressure to release quickly, the security checks needed to manage applications and systems in depth are often incomplete. Add to this a lack of security training on the part of application developers focused on functionality, and it’s clear that a more proactive approach to security is required. To deliver a user experience that is positive and secure, organizations need to integrate security testing to their application development lifecycle.


Threatsys leads the industry in web application penetration testing, identifying vulnerabilities in a range of programming languages and environments. From webapps in highly scalable AWS environments to legacy apps in traditional infrastructure, out security experts have helped secure data across the world. With dozens of zero-day vulnerabilities disclosed and our research circulating on national news outlets, we consistently prove our commitment to top-notch security testing. Threatsys is the Best Website Security Audit And Testing Services Provider in India.

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Web Application Penetration Testing Solutions

Best Website Security Testing Services in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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    The initial stage is inclusive of scope. Scoping secures by distinguishing and limiting access to documents and information. It enables to map out the issues for further procedures.

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    Mapping & Identification

    Mapping and service sort out the IT frameworks within an association. It improves benefits by distinguishing the cause of issues and changes in the IT framework.

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    Reconnaissance & Enumeration

    Reconnaissance is a bunch of processes and methods used to confidentially find and gather data about a system that is targeted.

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    Post Exploitation

    It implies the phases of activity once the attacker violates the framework. The estimation of the abused system is dictated by the extent of all stored data & how hacker may assault it.

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    Vulnerability Identification

    When all the data is gathered, it encourages the testers to recognize the security vulnerabilities and make preventive strides likewise.

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    A definitive objective of scanning is to discover open ports through Internal or exterior web apps scanning, Database Scanning, API testing, CMS Exploitations etc. 

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    The initial stage is inclusive of scope. Scoping secures by distinguishing and limiting access to documents and information. It enables to map out the issues for further procedures. 

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    Strategic Mitigation

    Strategic mitigation alludes to methods and policies set up to help forestall cybersecurity issues just as restrict the damage in case of cyberattacks.

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    Patch Verification

    Patch verification is an additional measure to ensure if the applied security patch works appropriately or not. We will also provide the report for the same.

Web Application Penetration Testing Benefits

Our WAPT services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Through Insights

    Identifying every detail that could be abused or find attack surfaces in the application. Insight of the application can be used to find critical vulnerabilities. Get insight into your webapp security risk – download our Sample WAPT Report.

  • Identifying & Fixing Vulnerabilities

    Identifying the vulnerabilities in the application. Prioritizing high-risk vulnerabilities & providing a strategic plan to fix them. We prioritize as our assessment is reliable, reproducible, and top-notch in quality

  • Black Box & White Box Pentesting

    Our WAPT involves detailed analysis of an application’s design, networking, operating system settings, external data sources, data warehousing, authorization mechanisms, & authentication components.

  • Manual & Automated Application PenTesting

    Very often, automated vulnerability scanners fail to pick up on more subtle security flaws. Our Top Class Security Experts can find bugs though Manual Testing without security tools as well with great insights.

  • CERT-IN Security Audit

    As a CERT-In associated auditor Threatsys is conducting security audits of websites, networks & applications. On successfully completing the audit as per CERT-In Guidelines, we can issue the the CERT-In Certification as required by compliance requirements.

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Threatsys's team went deep down into the rabbit hole to understand the product and find several bugs with a business logic rule that took engineering several weeks to analyze within the code. Threatsys is the No.1 Website Security Testing Services Provider in Bhubaneswar, Odisha
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