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The implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is poised to reshape the business mindset related to data privacy and data protection. With the law coming in force in the EU on May 25, 2018, businesses will no longer be able to use the personal data of the consumers the way they have been doing it till now. They will have to upgrade the data security and management practices while they use and process consumer data. As the big event is just around the corner, it is high time for businesses to gear up for compliance with the right GDPR solutions. Even those outside EU need to be ready as the law covers any business that holds, processes or makes use of personal data of EU citizens, regardless of its location.

At Threatsys, we provide result-oriented and reliable GDPR Compliance in India for businesses that want to be the first ones to turn compliance into opportunity. Our Cyber Security team has the right skill set, expertise, and experience to support the client’s business for making a smooth transition to GDPR. Threatsys can deliver comprehensive GDPR solutions that not only make organizations compliant but also ensure that they can effectively protect the customers’ personal data in the future too. Not only this, we also assist them in managing compliance across a complex, multi-cloud infrastructure which is a part of this transition.

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Years Experience
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Certified Auditors
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How We Enable GDPR-Compliance For Our Clients

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    Compliance Assessment

    We identify the existing procedures, policies, and security mechanisms which the organization currently uses for processing of personal data of consumers. If possible, the current set up is enhanced for compliance. Alternatively, we provide recommendations and create a roadmap for those who need a solution from the scratch.

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    Personal Data Discovery 

    Our tech experts create a comprehensive set up of processes & technologies that empower business organizations to discover Personal Identifiable Information (PII) across the enterprise & govern its usage & management. PII is the data that yields the personal identity of an individual such as name, location, email address, bank details etc.

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    Data Control Assessment

    Data control assessment encompasses an assessment of the entire personal data eco-system of the organization so that we can come up with a result-oriented strategy for GDPR compliance. Our team of data specialists does this by tracking the key metrics which reveal the business’ compliance level with the data protection laws and regulations under GDPR.

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    Process Modeling

    We leverage cutting-edge technologies to facilitate process modeling for your GDPR compliance strategy. The focus is on protecting the data at every point in the application cycles and building a system that facilitates breach detection. Our objective is to help the clients to pinpoint the challenges to data security and address them with the right technologies.

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    Implementation Support And Advisory

    We define and implement the requisite security controls and technical controls to put compliance into action for your business. Additionally, we offer expert advisory support services which are based on the specific GDPR compliance requirements and the unique context of your business organization.

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    Internal Audit

    As a part of our compliance services, we perform a post-implementation internal audit of the organization to ensure that it is now fully GDPR compliant. We present our findings to the management team and offer the final activities needed to address the uncovered gaps within your GDPR compliant posture.


Why Choose Us As Your GDPR Compliance Partner?

  • Holistic Approach

    Our services and solution are designed with a holistic approach, with the focus on building a single system that not only regulates the use of personal data but also provides consolidated reporting and quick breach alerts.

  • Streamlined Compliance

    We ensure that our services enable streamlined compliance for the clients by creating a high-level roadmap and taking immediate action to implement it in the form of a customized compliance solution.

  • Adaptability

    The solutions we provide are tailored to be adaptable to any future requirements of the business. The requirements may be in terms of changes in the IT infrastructure of the organization or any alterations in the GDPR laws.

  • Experienced Professionals

    We are knowledgeable and experienced in providing compliance audit, assessment, and implementation services to organizations in meeting their regulatory compliance requirements, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, EI3PA, NERC-CIP, NFA, FINRA, and GDPR.

  • Certified Auditors

    We have Qualified Information Security Assessors (QSA), Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA), Project Management Professionals (PMP) .

Non compliance with GDPR can put your business in a fix in more than one way. Let’s get started

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