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The advent of technology has brought about a revolution to our lives. Crime is all aspects to do anything for a criminal. It may be happened physically or through online. In this modern world 95% criminals are using smartphones and operating online platorms. So it’s not impossible to catch them by investigating ideas because we are above than the minds of criminals.

Threatsys has the global expertise and resources necessary to investigate a range of cybercrime activity, employing a full range of investigative strategies to identify system vulnerabilities, intrusions and data ex-filtrations and to recommend appropriate and cost-effective solutions that can be applied across the enterprise.

Threatsys’s cyber investigation teams can help identify the source of the intrusion and evaluate how to best safeguard your system from future attacks. We collect and examine physical and digital evidence to uncover important information about an incident to determine where and when an incident occurred, as well as how it happened. We can determine what data was compromised and whether digital evidence was erased or modified, recover data, and recreate events and exchanges so that you have an accurate diagnosis to develop an effective recovery plan. Threatsys is the only company in East India, which provides a comprehensive cyber crime investigation services and solutions to prevent, detect and resolve growing cyber crime, frauds and security incidents.

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Neutralise Threats with Intelligent, Cutting-Edge Investigative Analysis

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    Identification Inspection

    When cyber-criminals infiltrate business systems, identifying the type of cybercrime committed is essential. A computer crime investigation starts with being able to zero-in on what the infraction was, what caused it, and how can it be remediated to prevent similar crimes to your existing infrastructure in the future.

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    Data Evidence Collection

    Threatsys computer forensic investigators arehighly qualified data collection and extraction experts when it comes to evidence retrieval, and digital validation confirmations. This could be an event log entry, user access transactions recorded, data intentionally deleted, customer or employee database fields extracted, or virus infections detected etc.

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    Cyber Criminal Event Analysis

    Threatsys has the real-world experience when it comes to identifying, capturing, & giving holistic cybercrime evidence through investigative examinations. We provide digital forensic report workflows that can display the entire event from discovered digital fingerprints of digital forensic findings.

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    Cyber Fraud Analysis

    We can give your organization the protection you need to safeguard from any Cyber Fraud attempts such as re-directed links to false websites. We help your teams implement web content monitoring solutions such as Websense™ or Barracuda™ to protect your users adequately from any attempted false redirection links or fake email messages.

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    Identity Theft

    One of the most frequent violations on the Internet is identity theft. Individual identity theft attacks are so common, most financial institutes prefer to invest in remediating the situation with the user by resetting their account information instead of tracking down the one particular incident that caused the theft.

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    Any Trending Cyber Case

    Our fully qualified digital forensics investigator can produce the credible data digital evidence needed, and also help create a findings recommendations plan for layered security, as well as advanced threat protection techniques. We specialize in Cyber Crime Investigations, using advanced intrusion digital identification tools, detection, and prevention technologies.

Threatsys Cyber Crime Investigation Services

Don?t let your cases in the hands of immature Cyber Crime Investigation Provider. We do our work secretly with huge ideas to find the root point of the case. Know the types of Cyber Crime Investigation we do

  • Fraud & Financial Crime

    Financial crimes may involve fraud, bank fraud, payment fraud, health care fraud, theft, scams or confidence tricks, tax evasion etc

  • Cyber Terrorism

    It is the act of Internet terrorism in terrorist activities, including acts of deliberate, large-scale disruption of computer networks, especially of computers.

  • Cyber Extortion

    Cyberextortion is a crime involving an attack or threat of attack against an enterprise, coupled with a demand for money to avert or stop the attack.

  • Cyber Stalking

    It is a crime in which the attacker harasses a victim using electronic communication, such as e-mail or instant messaging (IM), or messages etc

  • Drug Trafficking

    Drug distribution or trafficking laws penalize the selling, transportation, and illegal import of unlawful controlled substances.

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Threatsys Technologies is really good at what they do, they have conducted a thorough Cyber Crime Investigation of my brother's cyber case as well as an advanced digital forensic investigation of suspected systems to find the truth"
Swagat Sekhar Sharma