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Threatsys delivers advanced, next-generation managed threat detection and incident response services to protect your organisation from emerging cyber threats through SOC as a Service.

Security Operation Center commonly referred as SOC is a centralized location from where an organization’s entire IT environment is monitored to help prevent, detect and mitigate cyber attacks. According to a Statistics report the most commonly experienced cyber attacks are Malware, phishing and social engineering, web-based attacks, botnets, malicious codes, and denial of service (DOS). A well structured SOC service can help safeguard your digital assets from these cyber attacks.

Threatsys has a team of OSCP, CEH, certified SOC experts who can help strengthen your IT security architecture. Threatsys SOC-as-a-Service combines cutting-edge Security Information & Event Management technology & established threat intelligence to keep your network secure, 24×7.

Whether you’re challenged with meeting IT budget demands, fighting new threat adversaries, or you are just looking for more efficiency around your compliance and security initiatives, we understand that all businesses are different, and that’s why our Security Operations Center (SOC) Services are designed for that kind of flexibility.

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Evolving Threat Vigilance in Action

Threatsys Next-Generation Threat Detection and Monitoring Services

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    Millions of Events Scanned

    Advanced computer hardware and the engineering expertise of trained professionals allows SOC as a Service teams to scan millions of events occurring in real-time over immense computer networks. 

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    Quantify the Severity of Threats

    SOC as a Service can afford companies to quantify the severity of threats within their data layers, as well as rank the importance and sensitivity of the data within the layers themselves. 

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    Round the Clock Monitoring

    SOC as a Service teams ensures that no threat goes undetected for an extended period of time. The moment any suspicious activity shows up on their radar, SOC teams notify companies that could be under attack from these sources

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    Efficient Action

    SOC as a Service distinguishes between threats with ease, allowing to take action against them with substantially more efficiency. Assert control over the weaknesses and holes within your security matrix. Threatsys consolidates all your instances into a single screen discarding the need to deploy and manage on-site equipment at your locations

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    SOC teams and hardware systems that protect the company from cyber intrusions are located off-site, therefore both large and small businesses avoid the added expense of staffing, housing, and maintaining an on-site operations center. You will gain all of the value of SOC as a Service within a fraction of the time.

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    Fully Loaded Managed SOC

    Threatsys provides an all-in-one platform. Complete with customer management, endpoint management, endpoint protection, incident and response management, threat hunting, network security monitoring, IDS, SIEM, custom log storage with configurable retention, vulnerability scanners, compliance reporting and managed Security Operations Center (SOC). 


Our SOC-as-a-Service can be a fully managed SOC, co-managed, or hybrid model, to give you the peace of mind and protection you need at a fraction of the cost to maintain on your own.

  • 24/7/365 threat monitoring and response

    Cybercriminals don’t work normal hours. Attacks can hit at any time, and the Threatsys SOC is ready when the time comes. We’re continuously monitoring, detecting, and remediating threats to keep your clients secure.

  • Experienced Staffs

    Threatsys SOC team includes certified security techs, including security analysts, incident response analysts, security researchers, and threat hunters. Do you already have a few security techs on staff? Our team will take care of alerting and triaging and consult your team when there are issues, they need to handle

  • Reduced Response Time

    With threats becoming more frequent and sudden, swift action is paramount to alleviating them. Threatsys accelerates SOC operations and streamlines managed security workflows by connecting directly to third-party security services.

  • Fast Deployment

    You will gain all of the value of SOC as a Service within a fraction of the time it takes to set up an operations center. Once deployment is finished, our platform will auto-discover detailed security insights on all of your  assets on both cloud and on-site environments.

  • Automated Security Analytics

    Our technology includes an automated security analytics and alarm prioritization feature which illustrates how cyber-attacks develop. This affords Threatsys the knowledge of knowing which attacks pose the greatest threat to our customers.

Learn more about Threatsys SOC-as-a-Service solution, and how it can be of benefit to your organization’s security. Let’s get started

Partnering with Threatsys allows me to keep leaner team. Also instead of drowning in false positives, we only have to wake up at night when there's an actual problem.
Bill Thornton