A quick and efficient response to a cyberattack can save you time and money in the long run. Threatsys Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services allow you to determine the source, cause and extent of a security breach quickly, and to better prepare for the inevitable incident.

Early detection and swift investigation are critical to fending off attackers and responding to threats. But an overwhelming number of alerts, inadequate information, and lack of visibility can prevent you from accomplishing these important tasks. That’s where we come in.

Our Forensics and Investigation solutions will give you attack context, infrastructure-wide visibility, codified expertise, rich intelligence, and insights gained from front-line experience responding to the world’s most impactful threats. So, you’ll have everything you need to rapidly detect, triage, investigate, and minimize the impact of attacks.

Threatsys Incident response team breaks the mold. We focus on your needs as opposed to stringent, cumbersome protocol. We customize and triage your priorities to get you back on track faster. In times of crisis, we provide unique insight that giving you clarity when the unthinkable happens.

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Years experience
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Bend — Don’t Break — When a Cyber Breach Occurs.

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    Malware Forensics

    Building on years of digital forensics experience, Threatsys provides third party digital forensics reviews and full analysis services that can be used in both criminal and civil court matters. In legal proceedings, the Threatsys Cyber team often provides expert witness testimony on digital forensics matters.

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    Dealing with breaches in security 

    The time following a breach in security is the most critical for any company. We help to make sure companies can limit the amount of damage that has been done. We also identify the causes of the breach and help to analyze what the next steps should be.

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    Data Protection and Data Recovery 

    Protecting data is critical and if lost, recovering it is of the utmost importance. We make sure that our clients are given the best service when it comes to recovering and protecting your data, ensuring there is an extra area which you will not have to worry about.

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    Mobile Forensics

    With years of experience uncovering data on multiple types of digital devices, Threatsys Cyber’s team performs digital forensic analysis of a wide range of mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and GPS devices.

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    Network Forensics

    In the event of a breach or incident, Threatsys provides digital forensic analysis of network traffic and logs to determine events that occurred on network connected devices to enable threat mitigation and recovery. 

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    Tracking Cyber Criminals

    Threatsys Cyber forensics services can assist in crime detection and successfully tracking down the perpetrators, launching internal disciplinary action,
    and with the overall goal of mitigation and process improvement.


Showing strength - no matter the security incident at hand.

  • Rapid Response

    Incident Response preparedness services that provide a rapid response to a cybersecurity incident. and strengthen defenses against future incidents

  • Increased legal and regulatory compliance

    By proactively detecting frauds, security incidents and identifying vulnerabilities in security infrastructure

  • Enhanced Risk Management

    By lowering the impact of cyberattacks, security breaches and
    digital fraud and reducing litigation risks

  • Enhanced Customer Confidence

    By improving customer data security and reducing the risk of
    reputational loss

  • Increased Productivity

    By reducing business downtime and protecting critical information systems to boost organisational productivity

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A very professional and confidential Cyber Forensics service. Our organisation followed Threatsys’s advice and saved time and money by focussing on the critical risks.
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