Security by design is the foundation of secure applications. Source code review helps
organizations identify the application security weaknesses in the code.

A Source Code review service discovers hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws, and verifies if key security controls are implemented. Threatsys uses a combination of scanning tools and manual review to detect insecure coding practices, backdoors, injection flaws, cross site scripting flaws, insecure handling of external resources, weak cryptography, etc.

source code review is the best way of identifying those vulnerabilities that may have gone undetected during the process of application security testing or penetration testing. Secure code review services help you identify and fix these security vulnerabilities in your application at the development stage. Source code review can be seen as a good investment of your time and resources for fixing basic flaws at the source when still at a development stage. This goes a long way in preventing security threats and damage in the future. Our expert consultants possess a blend of experience in software development, penetration testing and secure coding practices, allowing us to confidently deliver high-quality code review assessments.

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An hybrid approach that uses leading edge automated tools, Threatsys’s proprietary scripts, and source code review experts

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    We do an information gathering here. An inspection of the actual running application is quite mandatory to give the review team an insight about how the application is intended to work. Also, a brief overview of the structure of codebase and any libraries that are being used can help the review team to get started.

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    Threat Assessment

    Conducting a threat assessment to better understand the application’s architecture. These threats will be listed as the vulnerabilities that we will prioritise during the code review. The critical applications for the organization shall be identified and threat assessment will be conducted for set of applications.

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    During automation, the code review is done with the help of different commercial/open source tools. Automated tools are widely used in analysing large codebase, having millions of codes line enhancing the throughput of the code review process. They are capable of identifying all the insecure packets of code in the database .

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    Manual Code Review

    Manual code review is the only way that several key security controls can be verified including access control, encryption, data protection, logging, and back-end system communications and usage. Also, a manual review is important in tracing the attack surface of an application and identifying how the data flows through an application from its sources to its sinks. 

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    Confirmation & POC

    After the automated and manual review is done, we create a thorough confirmation on the possible risks that were discovered and what are the possible fixes that can be used to patch a particular vulnerability existing in the codebase

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    When all the above steps are completed, we put every finding in a report in an understandable format. We put every issue in the code and the patching solution against it. The issues and recommendations are discussed between the client’s development and Threatsys’s security team and accordingly development team fixes it.


The Source Code Review unique range of advantages

  • Faster Results

    Easily detect flaws through code analysis and avoid the need to send test data to the application or software since access to the entire code base of the application is available.

  • Thorough Analysis

    Evaluate the entire code layout of the application including areas that wouldn’t be analyzed in an application security test such as entry points for different inputs, internal interfaces and integrations, data handling and validation logic, and the use of external API’s and frameworks.

  • Overcome Testing Limitations

    Uncover vulnerabilities and detect attack surfaces that automated code scans miss using security code reviews to detect weak algorithms, identify design flaws, find insecure configurations and spot insecure coding practices.

  • Reports & Solutions

    Produce security code review reports that include an executive summary that lists strengths and weaknesses and provides detailed findings that include precise code based solutions and fixes.

  • Meet Compliance Standards

    Satisfy industry regulations and compliance standards including PCI DSS standards.

Deeper Security Monitoring and Faster Threat Response. Let’s get started

I am pleased to acknowledge the service of Threatsys in continuing to provide us with World Class Information Risk Services/Advisory which helped us mitigate our issues in the Information Security and Regulatory Compliance verticals. Their completely professional along with knowledgeable approach has differentiated them considerably from standard Information Security (IS) Consulting Organizations. They are an important partner in Information Risk Compliance and Management.
Mr. S.V Sunder Krishnan