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Healthcare needs to be HIPAA compliant. Our approved auditors perform HIPAA and HITRUST, assessing client security programs against regulatory mandates and industry standards.

We assist organizations with HIPAA regulatory standards or becoming certified with HITRUST. These both HIPAA & HITRUST requires that patient data be stored securely, access to the data be controlled and monitored, and that healthcare organizations have the policies, procedures and systems needed to ensure compliance. HIPAA is applicable for any medical practice, health insurance plan, third-party clearinghouse, or any businesses involved with healthcare abiding by all the mandates of HIPAA, ensuring that patient information is kept confidential and secure and has a number of components to consider for an entity that lawfully must be compliant. These entities are also referred to as “covered entities.”

We can implement HIPAA & HITRUST compliance program. .We are no longer just dealing with HIPAA compliance cyber security in India, cyber criminals are targeting healthcare, with ransomware attacks, and phishing campaigns on the rise, cybercrime and hacker are directly affecting patient safety and their information. Securing healthcare information is critical, by doing so reduce the possibility of your health records being compromised,  if or when healthcare records  becomes compromised you’ll have more than just a regulatory headache – cyber security has become life and death in some cases for healthcare organizations.

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    Risk Categorization & System Security Plan:

    Organizations must categorize their information and information systems in order of risk to ensure that sensitive information and the systems that use it are given the highest level of security. It requires agencies to create a security plan which is regularly maintained and kept up to date. 

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    Security Controls

    HIPAA & HITRUST outlines an extensive catalog of suggested security controls for HIPAA compliance. HIPAA does not require an agency to implement every single control; instead, they are instructed to implement the controls that are relevant to their organization and systems. 

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    Risk Assessments

    Risk assessments are a key element of HIPAA & HITRUST information security requirements. According to the HIPAA guidelines, risk assessments should be three-tiered to identify security risks at the organizational level, the business process level, and the information system level.

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    Certification and Accreditation

    HIPAA requires program officials and agency heads to conduct annual security reviews to ensure risks are kept to a minimum level. Agencies can achieve HIPAA Certification and Accreditation (C&A) through a four-phased process which includes initiation and planning, certification, accreditation, and continuous monitoring.

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    HIPAA Audit

    Threatsys Auditors conduct an internal audit determining the status of implemented HIPAA Controls implemented, that are in compliance with the regulation and organization policy procedure requirements. Threatsys is dedicated to helping you throughout the whole process.Responding promptly to detected offences and undertaking +corrective action.

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    HIPAA Documentation

    Threatsys follows a well-documented approach to work alongside our clients aiding them in attaining their compliance goals. This require a Well documented execution plan along with defined milestones. Threatsys provides top-notch HIPAA audit services performed by our professional and industry acknowledged auditors. 


Our HIPAA Compliance services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Experienced Team

    Threatsys’s skilled, experienced and qualified security assessment, advisory, engineering, and testing teams utilize a risk-based and strategic value-based approach to achieving your organization’s HIPAA Compliance.

  • Trusted Cyber Security Company

    Threatsys is a leading cyber service security service provider with many years of experience providing data security compliance, information security program implementation, and testing services.

  • Specific Scope & Advisory

    Our advisory HIPAA services help you identify and meet required and addressable HIPAA rules and security requirements– increasing patient data security and minimizing the costs of compliance.

  • Qualified Security Assessors

    Our qualified security assessors possess information security assessment, auditing, administrative, and technical skills, knowledge, and experience to help organizations achieve secure client-patient environments.

  • 360 Degree Security Approach

    Threatsys can assess your infrastructure & implement a HIPAA Compliance Plan to save your practice from hidden HIPAA threats. As a healthcare provider, it’s important to protect your practice against HIPAA violations.

Threatsys can assist you in providing a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment. Let’s get started

We approached Threatsys when we needed high quality compliance support and have been very pleased with the service. Their ability to provide detailed, one on one expertise helped us gain better understanding of compliance needs.
Rajaraman Swaminathan