Threatsys helps your organization meet NIST 800-53 compliance requirements for the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

FISMA is one of the most important regulations for federal data security standards and guidelines. It was introduced to reduce the security risk to federal information and data while managing federal spending on information security. To achieve these aims, FISMA established a set of guidelines and security standards that federal agencies have to meet. The scope of FISMA has since increased to include state agencies administering federal programs like Medicare. FISMA requirements also apply to any private businesses that are involved in a contractual relationship with the government.

Our team aid with the implementation of FISMA requirements, establish the necessary security objectives needed for compliance, and create a roadmap to meet and comply with FISMA requirements. We have helped many organizations achieve FISMA authorization.

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Understanding FISMA compliance is a crucial
part of your security compliance posture.

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    Gap Analysis

    Our knowledgeable Consultants understand FISMA, FIPS 199/200, NIST 800-60 and NIST 800-53 and will guide your organization through the process of identifying risks and planning a path towards compliance. We can help your team develop and maintain FISMA Compliances.

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    We work carefully with our clients to remediate any identified gaps. This can include developing system security plans, writing supporting policies and procedures, and implementing security controls to ensure that your organization is positioned to be FISMA compliant.

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    FISMA Assessments

    We can assess and attest to the controls implemented by the organization to meet and maintain FISMA compliance at the Low, Moderate, and High level. we can perform a single assessment and produce multiple assurance reports in a cost-effective way.

Threatsys is really good at what they do! Whether your business utilizes them for IT testing, auditing, or their incredible compliance services. Threatsys is simply as good as it gets!"
John H. Bedard, Jr