The Chief Minister Dashboard, Government of Odisha is a flagship technology initiative of the Government of Odisha to achieve the 5T goal. The chief minister’s office directed that all departments create data dashboards in order to deliver data-driven governance. This project makes use of cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and data science technology to monitor schemes, ensure transparency, and make data-driven decisions.

CM Dashboard
Government of Odisha
CERT-in Web Application Security Audit
OCAC Government of Odisha
Development Company:
CSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


The web portal of “CM Dashboard, Government of Odisha” satisfies the demand for real-time monitoring to find out all security loop holes and protects sensitive information’s of government. There was a several  user access for different rules and we need to test with the standard of OWASP, SAMS, SANS, OSSTMM, CERT-IN guidelines.

The challenges was to complete the whole cyber security audit with in 15 day’s of time with supporting the developers a all the bug’s can be fixed.


Threatsys Technologies assigned 2 Cyber Security Resources under the Guidance of our CEO, Deepak Kumar Nath. The Threatsys Red team is started this project by performing Black Box Testing, White Box Testing along with our Industry Centric Checklist.

After testing the Web Application from the production URL, we discovered many problems that have been classified as Critical, High, Medium, and Low based on their severity. Our team is always striving to provide developer-friendly reports that are readily readable and include clear proof of ideas.

 We create proof-of-concept video with adequate evidence so that security problems may be simply understood and corrected. We have assigned a time frame to each Severity category in which the issue must be resolved. During that time, our staff was often assisting the developers in resolving such difficulties as rapidly as possible. After the patch was performed, our team re-audited the application to ensure that the fixes were done correctly.


Threatsys issued the CERT-IN Safe to Host Certificate, and the CM Dashboard, Government of Odisha is successfully hosted in the State Data Center. Because it belongs to the government of Odisha, it is safely managed to authenticate with all of Odisha’s departments for their monitoring process, perfect management and procedure, and secure information storage for everyone.