Predictions on improved cybersecurity for businesses in 2023
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Predictions on improved cybersecurity for businesses in 2023

Despite the CISO’s or an expert team’s best efforts, cybersecurity is getting worse every year. According to a report by ThoughtLabOpen’s new window, there will be a 15.1% increase in cyberattacks and data breaches in 2023 compared to the previous year. More advanced ransomware is expected to push the business toward more effective cybersecurity in 2023, according to experts. Additionally, 29% of CEOs/CISOs and 40% of Chief Security Officers admit that their companies are unprepared for a rapidly shifting threat and cybersecurity landscape.


Improved cybersecurity predictions for businesses in 2023


Zero-trust vendor transparency gets better


Zero trust has been obscured by uncertainty since the beginning, particularly around whether it is or isn’t a product. It might become clear by 2023. According to Mike Spanbauer, senior director and technology advocate at networking company Juniper Networks, we’ll particularly notice marketing that offers clarity into vendor offerings.

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Security is more in line with business needs.


Security is frequently viewed as a commercial barrier as well as a cost centre, even unintentionally. For instance, a security team might install a web application firewall to stop harmful traffic, but it might also prevent a third-party partner from connecting to the company network for work-related reasons.

Security cannot be siloed in 2023. Security teams must comprehend how the business operates and how it may contribute to its success.

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Workforce reductions lead to an attack


If they haven’t already, workforce reductions are imminent, and attackers are prepared to exploit any openings they may leave behind. Attackers will be aware of firms going through restructuring in 2023, as well as the potential security risks that layoffs pose.

Job Vacancy


Eventually, cyber-physical security reaches zero trust


Zero trust is popular, but as of 2022, it hasn’t been applied to operational technology or cyber-physical systems (OT). According to Gartner analyst Katell Thielemann, this will continue in 2023. She stated that the following factors prevent zero trust from naturally operating in cyber-physical systems:

      • Authentication features are frequently missing from older systems.

      • For maintenance and upgrades, vendors may need to access cyber-physical systems remotely.

    • Implicit trust zones in industrial plants already exist and are tough to change.

A business sues a provider of hostile security products

Many well-known tools, such as Metasploit and Mimikatz, are employed both by threat actors and ethical hackers for nefarious purposes. Because of this, Forrester analyst Heidi Shey predicted that a company will sue a vendor of offensive security tools in 2023. According to her, organizations and governments would put pressure on providers to prevent the distribution of similar new tools to hackers, risking legal action in the event of a data breach.


The government of India takes necessary steps toward cyber security.


According to Honourable PM Narendra Modi, the government will take significant steps toward security. Digital immune systems are expected to deliver resilience and mitigate security and operational risks in 2023, according to Gartner.

Technology companies will explore government contracts in 2023. However, it is essential to create necessary safe software since they will merge with the public sector and recognize these governmental regulations as standard.

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Get CYQER’s Security for cyber security Trends 2023


Threatsys’s CYQER, Cyber Yield Quantification for Enterprise and Reporting replaces legacy vulnerability tools and various point products like SIEM, and SOAR to maintain your cybersecurity posture constantly and auto-prioritize open vulnerabilities across assets.

With SIEM, AI & ML Based Security Analytics, Intrusion Detection, Log Data Analysis, File Integrity Monitoring, Vulnerability Detection, Configuration Assessment, Incident Response, Regulatory Compliance, Cloud Security, Containers Security, etc., our CYQER is an all-in-one security platform. CYQER quickly established itself as a top option for various businesses.

Threatsys Technologies manages 8+ Million vulnerabilities and threats through its Artificial intelligence (AI) based in one SOC Platform, CYQER.

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How to Navigate these needs?


If you attempt to address all of these cyber security requirements for 2023 immediately, it may appear to be an overwhelming task. But using a step-by-step methodology makes it entirely feasible to understand and meet the requirements. Understanding your vulnerabilities in terms of cyber safety is the first step. Performing a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test, or VAPT is among the finest approaches to achieve this.

Your 360 degree cyber security partner

Our VAPT scan examines every network device, management system, and the component of your system as well as the infrastructure that supports it. It is a thorough examination that assists you in identifying security flaws so that you can address them before a hacker attack. Check out some of the benefits of having us do your VAPT:


      • Automated and Manual Scanning

      • 3000+ tests to keep your infrastructure secure from hackers.

      • Easy, accessible reports that you can interpret at a glance with the dashboard.

      • Get detailed steps on bug fixing tailored to your issues and know exactly how to reproduce vulnerabilities with screenshots.

      • For each vulnerability, Threatsys provides an intelligently calculated risk score.

    • You get a CERT-IN verifiable VAPT certificate from us.





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