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How Can You Secure Your Business from Supply Chain Attack?

Supply chain attacks have evolved as one of the most prevalent & devastating forms of cyber-attacks in current years. These attacks destroy the safety of the entire supply chain by exploiting vulnerabilities in one of the links of the chain. The result can be catastrophic for businesses, leading to financial losses, reputation damage, and loss of sensitive information. Businesses increasingly depend on technology to handle their operations. It becomes increasingly crucial to secure their supply chains to control these attacks.


Introduction to Supply Chain Attack:

A supply chain attack is a cyber-attack that targets the supply chain of a company & compromising the security of the entire chain. The attacker aims to manipulate vulnerabilities in one of the links of the chain. The attacks may be on a third-party vendor or software to gain access to the target company’s systems and data. The attacker may then steal sensitive information, install malware, or manipulate data to cause harm.

The past two years have witnessed a surge of high-profile supply chain attacks. One of the most significant models involved a sophisticated hacking group that infiltrated SolarWinds’ production environment as early as 2019. The team used an embedded backdoor to gain access to updates of the company’s network monitoring software, Orion, ultimately affecting a staggering 18,000 clients, including well-known entities such as FireEye, Microsoft, and various US federal agencies.

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Another example of a supply chain attack happened in 2021 when Kaseya’s VSA, a remote monitoring and management software, spread a malicious patch that led to the dissemination of REVil ransomware. The patch was pushed onto the systems of several managed service providers (MSPs), who then unwittingly spread the malware to their own clients’ systems.

These incidents serve as a stark reminder of the significance of robust security measures, especially in the realm of software updates & supply chain management. Organizations must prioritize the implementation of stringent protocols, including code signing, signature verification & third-party security assessments to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the software updates they receive and distribute.

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Common Types of Supply Chain Attacks:

  1. Third-Party Vendor Attacks: Here an attacker targets a third-party vendor that delivers services to the target company. The attacker may use vulnerabilities in the vendor’s strategies to get access to the target company’s systems and data.
  2. Software Supply Chain Attacks: Here an attacker targets software used by the target company. The attacker may change the software to add malicious code. It is then applied when the company uses the software.
  3. Hardware Supply Chain Attacks: A type of attack occurs when an attacker targets a target company’s hardware, such as a device or component. The attacker may add malicious firmware or modify the hardware to include malicious components.

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How to Secure Your Business from Supply Chain Attacks?

  1. Conduct Regular Risk Assessments: Regularly assess your supply chain to identify and evaluate potential threats and vulnerabilities. It should include assessing the security practices of third-party vendors and ensuring that software and hardware components used by your company are secure.
  2. Implement Strong Authentication: Implement strong authentication mechanisms, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), to secure access to sensitive systems and data. It will help prevent unauthorized access to your systems & data in the event of a supply chain attack.
  3. Use Encryption: Use encryption to defend sensitive information as it crosses through the supply chain. It will help stop the attacker from stealing sensitive information during a supply chain attack.
  4. Monitor for Suspicious Activity: Monitor your systems and networks for suspicious activity, such as unauthorized access attempts or unusual network traffic. It will assist with witnessing and responding to a supply chain attack promptly.
  5. Develop a Response Plan: It is to guide your business during a supply chain attack. It should include a plan for incident response, communication with stakeholders & recovery from the attack.

How we can help

Supply chain attacks can have devastating consequences for businesses. It may lead to financial losses, reputation damage, & loss of sensitive information. To prevent these types of attacks, businesses must secure their supply chains. By conducting regular risk assessments, implementing strong authentication, using encryption, monitoring for suspicious activity, & developing a response plan businesses can immensely decrease the threat of a supply chain attack.

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