Deepak Kumar Nath, founder and CEO of Threatsys Technologies featured in Free Press Journal....
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Our CEO and Founder Deepak Kumar Nath, Ethical Hacker of Odisha featured in the Free Press Journal

The Inspiring story of our founder and CEO Deepak Kumar Nath as a cyber security auditor and entrepreneur was recently featured in Free Press Journal. Our founder is one of the leaders in cybersecurity who has made remarkable contributions in the field and stayed actively involved with the cybersecurity community.


A snippet from the article:

Since his early college years, Mr Nath has been deeply involved in the field of cybersecurity. In fact, during his second year of engineering studies, he founded Global Tech Promoters, his own cybersecurity consulting company. Even as a college student, Mr Nath received recognition from major companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony, AT&T, and Mastercard for his ability to discover critical bugs in their systems, earning him a place in their respective Hall of Fame programs.

Threatsys Technologies in the news media and press....

Alongside his entrepreneurial ventures, Mr Nath has also dedicated himself to educating others on the importance of cybersecurity. To date, he has trained a staggering 45,000 students across India with his exceptional cybersecurity training program.

You can read the full article in Free Press Journal here.

Deepak Kumar Nath, founder and CEO of Threatsys Technologies featured in Free Press Journal....

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